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GANZA (noun / verb / adjective): From the word, EXTRAVAGANZA, an elaborate and spectacular entertainment or production that is characterized by freedom of style and structure.

We hear people come to us because they want something different. We give people permission to embrace their Brand’s core and craft innovative ways to express it at each and every touchpoint. Through trust, collaboration, meticulous design, and usually a cocktail or two, we propel brands forward so they can grow.


We’re proud to BE one of the 1% of creative agencies founded & creative directed by women.

Brand Identity

· Strategy

· Positioning

· Naming 

· Tone & Personality

· Logo & Mark


· Art Direction

· Collateral 

· Packaging

· Posters


· Website Design

· Social Strategy

Experiential & Interiors

· Retail Design

· Hospitality Design

· Exhibitions & Immersive Gallery Design

· Signage

· Customer Journey


· Copywriting

· Creative Direction & Production

Ashley O’Neill

Co-Founder & Art Director

Charlotte Tobin

Co-Founder & Design Director

Ash is a free-spirited New Orleanian that will chase down potential as fast as she can produce a campaign shoot or come up with a Brand tagline. Her childhood nickname was “Hollywood” and not much has changed since then.

Char is a no-bullshit Texan with grit as strong as her wit. Fueled by old school Jay Z and Outkast, she likes those pixels as close to perfection as (your chosen) God will allow. And when they’re not — she’ll make you the best white wine spritzer of your life and call it a day.

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